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Shahristan Alaudin Zierat Small Ganza

Zierat Pass

View from the slope of the Zierat pass to the Zierat LakeZierat Pass (1A, 3200 m). The word "Zierat" in Turkish means "visit", "pilgrimage." The pass allows you to go from the Zierat lake to the Kulikalon lake . The nature of the slopes is grass-scree. It was passed by us from west to east. The slope is variable steepness.

 The movement from the Zierat lake begins with small and medium debris sloping about 25-30 °. The trail is nowhere in sight. To left while moving edge (along of the lift) there are three moraines.Rising to the Zierat pass from the Zierat lake In the middle of the rize there is a steep area with small mobile scree, followed by a flattening. Only from this place a saddle is visible. Bypass the area with scree you can by snuggling closer to the left edge of the facing. However, in this place stones fall during the rain.

If you walk a little up the moraine, the slope becomes grassy. Traverse to the left on the hill we go to the saddle. The saddle is long, grassy and quite cozy. In the middle of it passes the trail. There is a place for a tent. In the center of the saddle there is a cairn. Descent toward Kulikalon lakes goes through the grassy slope with shallow talus and presents no difficulties. Around the hill there are a lot of goat trails, which is quite convenient to go down. From the dessent opens a beautiful view to the north-east of the valley with Kulikalon lakes.

The upper part of the western slope of the pass Zierat The saddle of the Zierat pass View from the slope of the Zierat pass to the Kulikalon Lake

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