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Shahristan Alaudin Zierat Small Ganza

Small Ganza Peak

Вершина Малая Ганза с северо-западаThe first climbing on the peak was done on September 9, 1939 by group of A.S. Mukhin and V.F. Gusev. This mountain is a huge dome-shaped massif with powerful layers of glacier snow hanging-down. The climbing to the peak from the Gusev-Mukhin West Pass is carried out along a wide snow-ice flank with slope up to 45°. There is a lot of snow on the slope; the climbing is in crampons and by zigzag. For safety is recommended to ties up together.

There are two approximately the same height peaks from the left and right side of the saddle. If rise to the left (to the East) from the saddle, then get to the wide snowy area and then follows a narrow snow-scree ridge. The place is very cozy; it is wanted to stay here and will not go away. Right (West) peak from the saddle is snowy, the cairn is there. There is a cellular communications at the top of peak.

The magnificent views open up from the top of the Small Ganza: the snow in remote mountains show up white against a background of a clear blue sky; near is amazingly beautiful, similar to its sister, Big Ganza peak (5306 metres).

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