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Shahristan Alaudin Zierat Small Ganza

Shahristan Pass

Tea houseShahristan Pass (3378 m) passes through the Turkestan Range in Tajikistan. It is situated on the way between the settlements Shahristan and Aini. A few kilometers before the pass there are tea house, at the entrance of it there are two huge statues of lions. Here you can eat not expensive and tasty, relax, gain strength before the storm of pass Shahristan or recover from its passage. In the tea house there are several rooms where you can stay overnight. They are no excess furniture, but only carpets on the floor. In the tea house there are always people - the drivers of trucks and tourists from different countries the stop here for having a snack. Road Dushanbe-Khujand goes by through the pass, its length is about 25 km.

This is the most difficult part of the route by road from Khujand to Zaravshan range. The rest it is dirt, very dusty broken road. We can recommend to cover your backpacks good when they are travel on the roof of the car. Shahristan passThe average speed on the pass is 20-25 km/h.

Roadway is narrow and in some places two cars are leaving hardly. The road to the pass winding, narrow with steep turns and very steep slopes. Buffers are only on the paved part of the road. Asphalt is on a small area of the village Ayni. Many heavy trucks goes through the pass. To disperse its drivers does to the edge of the road, hanging over the abyss. Often they do not have enough space to fit in turn, and have to take back. On the slopes of the pass you can see remains of falling over the edge machines.

It is hard to imagine that happens on the pass during the spring thaw or the rainy season. We were told by our driver, that in winter the pass is open only in one direction, which is changed every day. Currently, the tunnel is being built under the pass.

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