Fann Mountains
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Фанские горы

Fann Mountains

This website is devoted to training and a hike in the Fann Mountains in July 12 - August 13, 2012. These small by the area, but very high and beautiful mountains are located in the Republic of Tajikistan between Zaravshan and Hissar range. Many peaks over five thousand meters, and the main is beauty Chimtarga. Near flaunts its eternal neighbor - a slender pyramid Energy. But Fans mountains - it's not only the high peaks and passes, it is also the kingdom of many turquoise lakes that decoratethe mountain scenery. Big Allo, Chukurak, Kulikalon, Alaudin are one of the most beautiful lakes in these places.


And, of course, coming to Central Asia, we could not stay away out of the culture of the ancient East and don’t visit the ancient city of the planet Samarkand - the capital of Tamerlane's empire and Bukhara - home of Hodja Nasreddin. Walking through the narrow streets of the cities, we involuntarily remembering that we know from childhood tales of the Arabian Nights and the adventures of Aladdin.


About all this, and a detailed description of the lakes and mountain passes, a diary of our campaign, our impressions, interesting photos and other useful information which is necessary to prepare and launch a campaign for the Fann Mountains, you will find on our web site.


Small Ganza
Поход в Фанские горы


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