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Shahristan Alaudin Zierat Small Ganza

Alaudin Pass

Rising to the pass from the Alaudin lakes Alaudin Pass  (1A, 3730 m) connects Alaudin Lake and Lake Dyushaha. Character of the slopes is grass-scree. The rise from the Alaudin Lakes begins through the path from a large stone with a tablet. Nearby there is a teahouse (chaikhana). The trail goes along the whole slope. The rise is not difficult, but it is very long and tiring.

  The climb from the lake to the saddle is almost 1,000 m, and from alpine camp Vertical Ц more longer. Just above the middle of the climb there is a horizontal section where you can put tents. A stream flows nearby. Usually at this point climbers who make the ascent to the North peak (4027 m) or Alaudin peak (4134 m) put their camp. From here the trail traverse to the right and up and displays to the saddle of the pass.

The descent from the pass to the Dyushaha lakeThe saddle is wide and long.  A strong cold wind blows there. In the middle there is a tour. From the pass you can see a beautiful view of the Alaudin lake and clouds clinging tops of spiky peaks Bodkhona (5,138m), Chapdara (5,050m) and Zamok (Castle, 5,070m).

On the west side of the pass there is also a good stuffed trail. The descent is quite steep at first, and then the trail goes on not steep grassy scree slope. There you can see turquoise surface of lakes Kulikalon and Dyushaha. At the bottom of the descent the trail goes left (to the lake Dyushaha) and the slope is quite steep (up to 40 degrees) with small scree and rocks.

Alaudin Pass - one of the few passes on which saddle there is a mobile connection. Pass is very popular. There you can find groups of climbers and tourists from around the world almost every day.

The view from the pass to the Alaudin lakes The saddle of Alaudin pass View from the slope to Kulikalon Lake

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